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  1. What else is our life but a series of preludes to that unknown Hymn, the first and solemn note of which is intoned by Death? - Love is the glowing dawn of all existence; but what is the fate where the first delights of happiness are not interrupted by some storm, the mortal blast of which dissipates its fine illusions, the fatal lightening of which consumes its altar; and where in the cruelly wounded soul which, on issuing from one of these tempests, does not endeavour to rest his recollection in the calm serenity of life in the fields? Nevertheless man hardly gives himself up for long to the enjoyment of the beneficent stillness which at first he has shared in Nature's bosom, and when "the trumpet sounds the alarm", he hastens, to the dangerous post, whatever the war may be, which calls him to its ranks, in order at last to recover in the combat full consciousness of himself and entire possession of his energy.</br> 我們的一生,不就是由死神敲出頭一個莊嚴音符的無名之歌的一系列前奏嗎?愛情是每一顆心最嚮往的曙光,暴風雨猛烈的衝擊驅散了青春的幻想,它那致命的雷電毀滅了神聖的祭壇,可是,最初感到的愉悅與歡樂不受到暴風雨的干擾的那種命運在哪裡呢?有沒有這樣一顆遭受過殘酷折磨的心靈,當暴風雨一過去而它卻不從田園生活的寧靜中去尋找撫慰呢?然而,看來人們很少會長久安於昔日投入大自然懷抱時所獲得的那種溫柔與平靜;一當號角長鳴,他便急速奔向召喚着他的危險崗位,以便在戰鬥中完全恢復自信,並充分發揮他的力量。
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